L&S C30T Drugs and the Brain
David Presti

L&S 40E Learning from Disney
Kathleen Moran

L&S C140V The History and Practice of Human Rights
Stefan-Ludwig Hoffmann

L&S C180Y Gender, Sex and Power
Laura Nelson

  • Robert Full wins $1million for the work he and his students are doing in his Discovery Course.
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  • Discovery Course professor Robert Full was inducted into the Academy of Arts and Sciences, in a new category: Emerging Fields (the topic of his course).
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  • Discovery Course Professor Ron Amundson discovers that rocks also have "tree rings."
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  • Student in Discovery Course invents ChronoZoom, now a finalist for SXSW award.
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  • Saul Perlmutter (in a tux!) receives his Nobel prize in Stockholm.
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  • Discovery Course professor Saul Perlmutter wins Nobel Prize in Physics.
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