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Discovery Course professor Hubert Dreyfus has just published a provocative new book:
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Discovery Course Professor Rosemary Joyce has been awarded a Guggenheim Fellowship:
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Physics for Future Presidents is one of the top-ten most-watched educational videos, according to the New York Times. checki it out.
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Discovery Course professor Alex FIlippenko wins his fourth major teaching award:
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Discovery Course professor Walter Alvarez will be delivering the 97th Annual Faculty Research Lecture on April 29:
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Discovery Course professor Robert Reich speaks out about the public option.
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(April 26, 2009) Discovery Course professor Rich Muller's Physics for Future Presidents wins Northern California book award:
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Discovery Course Professor Walter Alvarez's new book combines geological with personal history.
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(July 22, 2008) Discovery Course professor Saul Perlmutter discusses the role dark energy plays in the expansion of the universe.
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(November 2, 2008) Discovery Course professor Rich Muller offers knowledge, and some advice, to President Obama.

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(July 22, 2008) Professor Rich Muller has published a new book based on his Discovery Course, "Physics for Future Presidents.

Hear Michael Krasny interview Muller about the book and the course on KQED's Forum. Hear Interview

Two Discovery Course Professors Named in Best of Berkeley Poll 2008

Physics for Future Presidents was chosen as the best class, and Alex Filippenko as the best professor, in the Daily Cal's 2008 Best of Berkeley readers' poll.
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(November 1, 2007) Professor Filippenko's Legendary Halloween Lecture Highlighted

Legendary Discovery Course professor Alex Filippenko gives entertaining lectures that make difficult concepts not only clear but fun. His annual Halloween lecture was highlighted in a SF Chronicle article last year.
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(September 6, 2007) Professor Perlmutter's Team Chosen to Compete for Spacecraft Funding

A team of UC Berkeley physicists, co-led by Discovery Course instructor Saul Perlmutter, seeking to understand how and why the universe is expanding faster than Einstein ever thought, was chosen Wednesday to compete for the right to build and send a billion-dollar spacecraft into orbit to hunt for the answers.
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