Discovery Courses Archive

Spring 2008

L&S C30V Environmental Issues
Ron Amundson
(Biological Science)
L&S 40B History of Popular Culture
Kathleen Moran
(Historical Studies)
L&S 150A Global Transformation and Cultural Change: NGO's, AIDS and Sub-Saharan Africa
Ann Swidler
(International Studies)
L&S 160B Effective Personal Ethics for the 21st Century: Awakening at the Center of an Evolving Universe
Jack Phillips
(Philosophy and Values)
L&S C70T The Planets
Michael Manga and Geoffrey Marcy
(Physical Science)
L&S C70V Physics for Future Presidents
Richard Muller
(Physical Science)
L&S C70W Physics and Music
Saul Perlmutter
(Physical Science)
L&S C70X Big History: Cosmos, Earth, Life, Humanity
Walter Alvarez
(Physical Science)
L&S 80A The Mastery of Nature: An Economic History of the World
Barry Eichengreen
(Social and Behavioral Sciences)
L&S 180A Archaeology of Sex and Gender
Rosemary Joyce
(Social and Behavioral Sciences)
L&S C180T Language and Power
Claire Kramsch
(Social and Behavioral Sciences)

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