Karen Feldman (Home Department: German)
Tuesday and Thursday 12:30-2:00, 3 Leconte Hall (4 units), Class number: 32581
This course is also listed as German C75

Artistic beauty and the beauty of nature lend themselves to discussion of abstract philosophical concepts: truth, eternity, goodness and harmony. In this course we will examine primarily western European and North American historical approaches to the beauty of art and nature as represented in works of philosophy, literary theory and theories of art and aesthetics. This course is not a comprehensive survey of the history of philosophical aesthetics nor of art; the goal is instead to examine key theoretical questions as they evolve among several intellectual arenas and over many centuries.

While some of our main readings may be abstract and difficult, we will nonetheless make every attempt to render them lucid and understandable at a level appropriate to undergraduates. Careful, repeated reading and patience with abstract concepts are requirements of this course.


This course may be used to satisfy the Philosophy and Values breadth requirement in Letters and Science.