David Presti (Home Department: Molecular and Cell Biology)
Tuesday and Thursday 11:00-12:30, 150 Wheeler (3 units), Class number: 24840
This course is also listed as Molecular and Cell Biology C62, Psych C19

Nowhere are the connections between chemistry, cell biology, physiology, psychology, sociology, public policy, and constitutional law more vividly illustrated than in understanding the effects of drugs on the human brain and human behavior. This L&S Discovery Course will deal with just that: the biology, chemistry, psychology, and sociology of psychoactive drugs. Such substances—which include stimulants, sedatives, psychedelics, analgesics, antidepressants, antipsychotics, and others—have powerful effects on the human brain and on human behavior. The origins of drugs as components of plants that have enjoyed deep historical relationships with humankind will be emphasized. The necessary biological, chemical, and psychological background material for understanding the content of this course will be contained within the course itself.


David Presti

the Golden Apple Award for Outstanding Teaching


This course may be used to satisfy the Biological Science breadth requirement in Letters and Science.