Holger Müller (Home Department: Physics)
Tuesday and Thursday 9:30-11:00, 1 Pimentel Hall (3 units), Class number: 40889
This course is also listed as Physics C10

This course is for you. It gives you the physics that you need to know to be a president, Supreme Court justice, diplomat, businessman, lawyer, football coach, or other world leader. It gives you the information that you need to make an informed decision when deciding or voting on issues that have technical aspects. The beauty of physics may lie in the math, but future presidents don't have time for that. So we skip the math, and get to the key results of physics that will help you run the world. These include energy conservation and energy sources, explosions, radioactivity, fission, fusion and nuclear weapons, earthquakes and tsunamis, radar and radio and microwaves, fiber optics and integrated circuits, spy satellites and global positioning systems, and medical imaging. We wind up with a few things you don't really need to know except for White House dinner conversation: relativity, dark energy, and the Big Bang.


This course may be used to satisfy the Physical Science breadth requirement in Letters and Science.