Robert Full (Home Department: Integrative Biology)
Monday and Wednesday 12:00-1:00, 245 Li Ka Shing (3 units), Class number: 32655
This course is also listed as Integrative Biology C32

Bioinspired design views the process of how we learn from Nature as an innovation strategy translating principles of function, performance and aesthetics from biology to human technology. The creative design process is driven by interdisciplinary exchange among engineering, biology, art, architecture and business. Diverse teams of students will collaborate on, create, and present original bioinspired design projects. Lectures discuss biomimicry, challenges of extracting principles from Nature, scaling, robustness, and entrepreneurship through case studies highlighting robots that run, fly, and swim, materials like gecko-inspired adhesives, artificial muscles, medical prosthetic devices, and translation to start-ups.


Robert Full

the Distinguished Teaching Award


This course may be used to satisfy the Biological Science breadth requirement in Letters and Science.

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